The legacy of Amedeo Maiuri: L’Olivella Mansion

Archaeological enchantment and
Maritime charm of Anacapri

Dimora Maiuri L’Olivella is a historic residence founded by the Italian archaeologist Amedeo Maiuri and stands at the foot of Monte Solaro in Anacapri. In the early 1930s Amedeo Maiuri was given the task of bringing back to light the villa of Tiberius, Villa Jovis. While directing the excavations for Villa Jovis, the archaeologist built “L’olivella” where he spent the rest of his life.

The narrative plots from which the interior decoration project for the Dimora was born are two, The Sea that embraces the island and the Archaeology that seals the history of its spaces. The first pays homage to the colours and styles of Capri, to the stories that they celebrate. The white and blue of its landscapes and the soft and warm colours of its slopes.The second theme reproposes the figure of the Archaeologist with devotion. Its symbology and the colours of its discipline strongly linked to the pigments of the earth. Both solutions are largely enriched with accessories and complements found at the house. Eclectic details and a strong decorative charge express the richness of the colours of the blue island.

Like a large house, ‘la dimora’ welcomes guests in its reception full of objects with a rural style, in terracotta, that look like part of a personal collection. There is a playful atmosphere moderated by the organic nature of its furniture. The rooms are all authors of their own story, giving each guest special attention, detached from the idea of standardization. Colours and styles have been boldly combined to find a perfect balance. The restyling winks at an international clientele and reinterprets luxury hospitality in a contemporary key.



Dimora Maiuri L’Olivella is located in Anacapri and offers 6 rooms whose design is inspired by the themes of the sea and archeology. A large garden is equipped with a solarium with a hydromassage tub and an infinity swimming pool which overlook a peaceful glimpse of Mediterranean scrub. The interior decoration is a contemporary tribute to the tradition of Capri, obtained thanks to the harmonious use of materials such as wood, majolica and fabrics, and by its shapes such as soft lines and lowered arches.


The dining area is the place to share a good drink or an espresso. Here you can have a fresh meal and sip a wine from our ‘Bar À Vin’.

The room includes a Wi-Fi connection with the additional possibility of cable internet access.

From its large arched window the warm and natural light of Anacapri radiates the room for most of the day, offering a view of a large glimpse of island vegetation.


Our living room has direct access to the panoramic terrace from which you can observe the rich and fertile plantation of olive trees typical of this area, which has been a source of inspiration for the Dimora.

The gardens look over the sea enjoying its crisp salty air. The living room is equipped with a satellite TV and a pair of comfortable corner sofas.

The center piece of the room is our fireplace, that can warm your evenings in the villa in the coldest months of the year.


Welcome to the kitchen! It dresses the colours and shapes of a place rich in history and episodes. The protagonist is the “Bar à vin” corner which hosts one of the drinks that most characterizes the lands of the Campania region,
the wine!

The kitchen offers a series of services necessary for the independent preparation of food and drinks. The kitchen has a 5-burner hob and an oven suitable for cooking your dishes.

a fridge column, an ice-maker and a freezer will allow you to keep food and drinks fresh for the duration of your stay. You will also find a series of small appliances such as the coffee machine, toaster and everything else that could be useful to you!


A smart reception able to provide assistance and an initial welcome. Here we invite you to consult our info-point and our regulations. At the reception you can browse through the pages of our magazine to learn about the history of our residence and its founder, Amedeo Maiuri.


Our terrace is illuminated by the sun during the day and embraced by the stars in the evening and offers a view of a vast panorama of the island of Capri where the sea intertwines with the fertile and lush coasts.

The terrace, thanks to the relaxation area, can offer a moment of Capri escape to our guests. Here you can also indulge in a pleasant breakfast in the morning or a nice aperitif at sunset.


The most magical place of the entire structure, where the sounds of nature meet with the typical vegetation of the island among olive trees, carob trees and uncontaminated nature.

In this magical corner, a splendid infinity pool finds its natural location between two terraces.

Completely immersed, the salt water of the pool merges into one in an enchanting perspective vision with that of the sea not far away at Punta Carena and that of the nearby blue cave.